Information Needed to Complete Building Permit

  1. Record deed (proof of recorded ownership) *
  2. Health Department permit (well & septic) Jackson County Health Department. *
  3. Driveway Permit (Only if needed) - Jackson County Road Commission. * Driveway Permit Fillable Form_202010191032082316
  4. Complete set of plans (including foundation plans)
  5. For residential projects up to 3,500 sq. ft. or larger requires site plan review and approval before building permit issued. click here Building Permit Application Packet
  6. If using a contractor,  a photocopy of their builder's license with number is required.
  7. For commercial over 120 sq ft are required a building a permit, any commercial addition exceeding 1,000 sq ft or 10%, whichever is less requires site plan review before permit is issued.  Building Permit Application Packet
  8. Please contact zoning administrator for details on how to complete the site plot plan found on the last page of commercial application.
  9. Soil erosion and sedimentation control permit.  Decision made by Zoning Administrator only because that is not always required for every building permit application.  That permit is also situation based when required.

NOTE: Poles for construction must be .60 treated.

* Required for new construction, recently split or undeveloped property.  They are not required if building a garage, pole barn, or addition to your home.

Please contact Bryan Powers (Zoning Coordinator / Building Inspector) at (517) 937-8205 or [email protected]  for additional information.

Required Permits and Inspections

Permit Fee Schedule

  • Boiler-Heating System (licensed contractor required / inspections: rough and final)
  • Decks (permit: zoning / inspections: footing and final)
  • Demolition (permit: demolition / inspections: site and final)
  • Fire Place (inspections: rough and final)
  • Garages (permit: zoning / inspections: footing and final)
  • LP Tank (inspection: final)
  • Modular Home (permit: zoning / inspections: footing, radon, back fill and final)
  • Outside Wood Burner (license required / inspections: rough and final)
  • Remodel / Addition (permit and inspections; as required by plan)
  • Sign Permit (permit: zoning / inspection: final)
  • Stick Built (permit: zoning / inspections: footing, radon, back fill. framing and final)
  • Swimming Pools (permit: zoning / inspection: final)
  • Towers (permit: zoning / inspections: as required by plan)