Sandstone Charter Township Board of Review Notice.  July Board of Review will meet to:  Correct Qualified Errors.  Consider Appeals of Principal Residence Exemptions. Qualified Agricultural Exemptions. Taxable Value Uncapping/Recapping.  Disabled Veteran's Exemptions.  Poverty Exemptions.  Meeting is Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 4:00 pm at the Township Hall

2021 Summer Tax Bills were mailed out July 1st.  If you did not receive your Bill please call the Treasurer Department at 517-784-4712, ext 3.  Summer Taxes are due September 14, 2021

Upcoming Events:  August 3, 2021 Special Election

Millage Renewal Proposition 1.25 Mills For Township Fire Protection and Operation and Maintenance of the Fire Department, and Fire Department Vehicles, Apparatus Equipment and Housing.

Bryan Powers will be handling the Building permits and questions. Bryan's phone number is 517-937-8205 or email at 



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Things you can learn about Sandstone Charter Township

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-  Election Information

-  Read the Zoning Ordinances that affect all residents

-  Read other ordinances like Junk Vehicles, disorderly conduct, land divisions, and others.

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-  History of Sandstone Township,

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