Township Meetings

Residents are always welcomed and encouraged to attend Township Board Meetings and Planning Commission Meetings.  The Board meetings are typically the second Monday of each month at 7 PM.  Both the Planning Commission and Board meeting dates are listed on the Sandstone Charter Township web page. Meeting minutes are also posted on the web page.

Check out our web page:

Road Information

The Jackson County Department of Transportation pays 30% of the cost for local roads. The Township pays 70% of the cost which are the dollar amounts listed below.

Year     Roads                          _____________________________   _ ______ Township Cost

2014     N. Sandstone, Wellman (south part) $  119,824

2015    Benn, Bennett, Gardner, Miner, Rogers, Wellman (north part) $  295,864

2016     Chapel (part), Miller, N. Sandstone, Pomeroy, S. Harrington, Stepladder $  288,657

2017    Maines, S. Sandstone, Leora Lane, Cuff  $  373,041

 TOTAL  $1,077,386

2018     Bailey Road (delayed to 2019), Glasgow (completed 2018) $  233,751

Note: Engineering for Bailey Road determined that a box culvert needs to be installed before the road work can be done.  This requires the project to be delayed till 2019.  Since Blackman Township passed a road millage and Blackman Road is the boundary line between the townships, we will contact them and see if we can coordinate a shared cost project for Blackman Road in 2019.

If you find a major pothole on a road that you travel please report the location of the problem to the Jackson Department of Transportation (517-788-4230).


On the August 7th 2018 ballot, Sandstone Charter Township Police and Public Safety renewal millage passed.

On November 6th 2018 the mid-term election turnout was great. We have 3 precincts in Sandstone Charter Township, and there are 2920 registered voters of which 1799 voted (61.6%).

Precinct 1 had 770 voting which is 62.5%

Precinct 2 had 556 voting which is 63.6%

Precinct 3 had 473 voting which is 58.5%

Thanks to all of our election workers including your Clerk, Pixie Sterrett and Deputy Clerk, Kim Britten for what we believe was a record mid-term election for Sandstone Charter Township.

The ballot issue for Recreational Marihuana failed in Sandstone Charter Township (918 No and 842 Yes).  The Board has opted not to allow marihuana establishments in Sandstone Charter Township. This action was based on the recommendation of legal counsel and to have more information on how this law will be implemented.

Parma Sandstone Fire Department

Our Fire Department is staying busy. The year to date emergency runs as of October each year are:  2012 (487 runs), in 2013 (525 runs), in 2014 (535 runs) in 2015 (515 runs) in 2016 (523 runs) in 2017 (559 runs) and in 2018 (556 runs). We currently have 17 active volunteer Emergency First Responders/Fire Fighters. The department did a controlled burn of a house on Bennett Road for training purposes.  They hosted training for five neighboring fire departments on auto extraction procedures.  Fire Chief, William Engelter is accepting applications for those interested in becoming involved in fire department.  Our dedicated Parma Sandstone Fire Department personnel provide us with essential services, so when you see one of them, please thank them for their service.

Police Protection

Through October 2018, the officers assigned to Sandstone Township have responded to 510 complaints, made 192 traffic stops, written 102 speeding tickets and made 30 arrests.  If you are going on a vacation and would like your home checked while you are gone, fill out a Jackson Sheriff House Watch Form at the Township Hall or find the link to the form on the Township Web page under the “Community Info“ tab.

Township Clean-Up Date

Mark your calendar, our spring cleanup day is May 4, 2019, 9 AM till 1 PM.  The Township schedules two clean-up days per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Residents can bring their trash to the Township Hall parking lot for disposal during these clean-up events. If you can help during the spring cleanup please call the Township. We accept trash (not garbage), furniture, appliances, metal, and batteries and TIRES at the spring cleanup.  We do not take paint. NEW! ROAD CLEAN UP WEEK.  If you and your neighbors want to organize a cleanup of your road and bag the road trash the week before May 4th we will arrange for the bags to be collected. You must call 517-812-9441 before the cleanup day and provide number of bags and road locations.  Please understand “this is for road clean up only” not a garbage service for individual homes. NEW! We will have a paper shredder truck available at no cost to shred your personal documents. If you have over 6 boxes you need to call the township office to coordinate larger quantities.  Special thanks go to the volunteers that helped at the fall cleanup: Linda Rogers, Kim Britten, Pixie Sterrett, Jill Allen, Jeff Hale, Terry Langston, Ken Powers, Clair Koppleman, Dave Jonas, Claudia Jonas, Oscar Placher, Gary Smith, Jason Tice (MDK Shredding),  Emmons personnel James Kloepfer, Rick Jacob and Dave Hanson.


The County is reviewing all street addresses in the County to eliminate duplicate street names and to correct addresses that are out of sequence.  The purpose is to ensure emergency services can be dispatched to the correct location and so drivers can find the numbered address easily.  Sandstone Charter Township was planning to start this last summer but needs information from the county before it can be started.  This project is delayed till next summer.

Our Township Office number is 517-784-4712 Fax 517-784-2605 Hours 9 AM to 4 PM Monday-Friday.    (Note during tax collection time the Friday hours are extended to 5:30 PM).

Your elected Township Board Officials:                                                                                                                        Clerk, Priscilla Sterrett                 Treasurer, Betty Sue VanWinkle
Trustee, Terry Langston               Trustee, Cheryl Marks
Trustee, Jeff Hale                           Trustee,  Dwight VanWinkle

Winter came early this year, so let’s enjoy the snow!

Keith Acker, Supervisor                 Cell:    517-812-9441