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              Welcome to Sandstone Charter Township Website

                                                           ***Clean Up Day May 14, 2016***   

                                  Election May 3 (911 & Northwest Schools) Last day to register April 4   

                                                               Sample Ballots for May 3 election

                                                                       Precinct Location Map                   

  Things you can learn about Sandstone Charter Township

-  Township Board Meeting minutes and Planning Commission Meeting minutes

-  Township calendar of events and meeting dates

-  Read the Zoning Ordinances that affect all residents

-  Read other ordinances like Junk Vehicles, disorderly conduct, land divisions, and others.

-  Get Building Applications,

-  History of Sandstone Township,

-  How to contact your elected officials,

-  Pictures of your elected officials,

-  Educational facilities in the area

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